Dan Mahan

Official Title: Operation Manager / Upper NW regional sales manager
Here since: 2011
Favorite Part of the Job: Sharing sarcasm with customers and brightening up both of our days.
Who are you in the Louvers Clique: The guy with the German Shepard (Cooper)
Random fact about me: I am turning 50 this year and everyone lets me know it.
Bucket List item based on my favorite movie quote: That there’s an RV, Clark – you can travel the country in it!
Man crush: Stevie Ray Vaughn – he’s dead, but his blues are always with me!
Guilty Pleasure: Watching my daughter as a Green Bay Packer Cheerleader –  kills me to watch a whole game and only her for 2 seconds!
Claim to fame: Met half of the 1985 Bears at my family’s farm Pig Roast summer of 86’