Chase bank provided us with an opportunity to dress up their current drive through bank lane lighting situation.  They wanted to get rid of the yellow look, and go to a crisp, white light.  By using our RC-30 LED conversion kits, they significantly reduced their wattage per fixture and created a brighter, cleanly lit drive thru.  Their patrons now feel safer and can see easier while using the drive up ATMs.

Existing Situation

  • (9) 175W HPS
  • Total combined watts: 1,575
  • Lights created dim and un-safe environment for nightly bank deposits and ATM transactions
  • ATM pin-pads were difficult to read


  • (9) 30W RC-30 LED Conversion Kits
  • Total combined watts: 270
  • Bright illumination created a new, secure atmosphere for bank patrons visiting at night
  • ATM pin-pads are easy to read

Before – 175W HPS

After – RC-30 LED Conversion Kits

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