Carl Esposito

Official Title: Regional Sales Manager
Here since: 2011
Favorite Part of the Job: Specifying an LED fixture for a job, doing the layout, sending out the quote, forgetting all about it, and then getting a surprise order 3 months later. And the fact that I get to work with my little sister.
Who are you in the Louvers Clique: Nerdy, wisecracking know-it-all who somehow snagged a gorgeous wife. (Think Jonah Hill in Superbad)
Random fact about me: I share my birthday with my baby daughter.
Just so you know: Olive Garden is the Taco Bell of Italian food.
Claim to fame: Many people think I’m Tony Esposito’s nephew, but I’m just a fan.
Ancestor did what?: Invented the Margherita Pizza
Dream Job: Morning radio show host.