Derek Wall, Louvers International CEO

Derek Wall

Here since: 2006

Favorite part of the job: Being a trusted advisor to many people inside and outside the organization where each day presents new challenges, opportunities, and learning experiences that build upon each other to achieve success. Each interaction that I have creates the possibility of making somebody’s job easier and—in turn—have a positive impact on somebody’s life. And the fact that I get to share an office and work alongside my big brother.

Who are you on the Louvers team: The three sport player-coach that can play both sides of the ball who shows up every day ready for anything the day presents; the annoying guy that shows up early to practice and stays late watching film seeking ways to make himself AND the team better.

Random fact about me: My brother Devin and I had back-to-back eagles during a round of golf at his bachelor party.

Favorite weekend activity: Riding my bike along Lake Michigan in summer and playing pickup basketball at my gym year round.

#1 on my bucket list: Touch each continent with my wife, excluding the cold ones ;)

Favorite book/movie/tv show: Movie: Wall Street / TV Show: Game of Thrones

Spoiler alert: Louvers is not just a lens company

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