Devin Wall, Louvers International President

Devin Wall

Here since: 2006

Favorite part of the job: I love the customer interaction. I love trading stories, listening to their issues, and providing value-based solutions. It’s also a plus I get to work next to my best friend, who also happens to be my brother!

Who are you on the Louvers team: The adventurous leader always looking to help out my coworkers with ideas, strategy, confidence, and providing value-based solutions. Like Mikey from the Goonies!

Random fact about me: I was a volunteer firefighter for over 10 years.

Favorite weekend activity: Golf and boating

#1 on my bucket list: Visit all 7 Wonders of the World.

Man crush: Rich Froning Jr.

Claim to fame: When I was 8 years old, I guessed the weight of a 174-pound pumpkin. We ended up with a huge pumpkin at our house for Halloween!

Wildcard: My spirit animal is the American Bald Eagle.

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