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the perfect fixture for every situation

Have you ever tried to play 18 holes with nothing but a 7 iron? Good luck!

Just like every golf shot requires a different club, every lighting application requires a different fixture. Let Louvers LED help you find the perfect fixture for every situation. Here are some of our more common application categories.

Barns can be dim, dingy and downright dirty. Whether you’re working with animals or big machinery, we’ve got your lighting covered. Our LED fixtures come in a variety of sizes and looks to fit your needs.

It’s not the 1950’s anymore. Most fuel stations are open 24/7. That means lots of energy used for lighting. Cut back on wattage with LouversLED products specifically designed with fuel stations in mind!

NSF rated fixtures are required for many industries, including food, medical, chemical, aerospace, and automotive. Let LouversLED keep you in compliance with federal requirements.

Offices need two things: gossip and high quality lighting. We can help with the lighting portion. Not finding what you need? Just ask and we’ll be glad to help.

Finding the best parking spot is impossible in the dark. LouversLED illuminates parking structures and lots to ensure safety and efficiency.

Siberia’s got nothing on some freezers! Fortunately, LEDs love the cold, and LouversLED products are no exception. Let us light up your cold storage spaces.

Educational institutions need students to stay awake in class. What better way than with proper lighting? LouversLED supports education at all levels.

Team colors should be worn with pride and seen under bright lights. LouversLED is your cheerleader, head coach, and starting point guard when it comes to LED lighting for athletic facilities.

Dimly lit stairwells are only appropriate in spy novels, where intrigue is relevant. In the real world, people don’t like to trip. LouversLED has perfect solutions for efficiently lighting seldom used areas.

There are 5,000,000 warehouses in the United States, and we have the very best fixtures for all of them. We’re good at a lot of things, but this is what we’re best at. Get started on upgrading big spaces with LouversLED.

When the going gets wet, the smart consumer turns to LouversLED for washdown rated fixtures. Check out our IP rated LED line and stay dry.

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