Advantage Vaportight

  • This is an extremely durable IP66 rated fixture with polycarbonate lens and body and stainless steel hardware.
  • Since it can be hosed down, it is great for stalls.
  • It can be suspended with aircraft cable or surface mounted.
  • Available in 2’, 4’ or 8’ lengths and 4 different widths. This makes it great for any sized room.
  • The Advantage series is perfect for any area where impact, dirt, and moisture are a concern.

Osprey Canopy LED

  • This impact resistant surface mount fixture is great for a number of agricultural applications.
  • It can be used under an outdoor canopy or medium ceiling height room.
  • The polycarbonate lens and IP65 rating mean that impact, dirt and moisture will not affect the performance of this fixture.

Penta LED

  • This IP65 rated strip should be used in infrequently occupied areas where greater energy savings can be achieved by utilizing its sensor features.
  • Motion sensing, step-dimming, and daylight harvesting are all programmable with the touch of a button.
  • Attractive and durable, it can be installed in harsh-use areas without fear of dirt, water, or impact damaging the fixture.
PHX LED Frosted High Bays and Low Bays

PHX LED Highbay

  • This is the ultimate highbay fixture for large barns with high ceilings and open spaces.
  • An impact resistant polycarbonate lens completely diffuses the diodes, both protecting the fixture from dirt, moisture and impact AND providing clean, even light.
  • The PHX has been installed in countless horse and livestock arenas, multi-use barns, and storage structures with great results.
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