Advantage Vaportight

  • The vaportight fixture has been a staple in the parking garage industry due to its ability to keep out dust, bugs, and water. While most vaportight fixtures are composed of fiberglass and acrylic, the Advantage is made out of polycarbonate, making it exceptionally resistant to damage.
  • The IP66 rating makes this fixture easy to clean and keep fresh as you can just hose it down and wipe it clean.
  • Available in different lengths and lumen packages, we can light up your parking garage with the highest quality vaportight fixture.
Single Colt Web

Colt LED Linear Fixture

  • This fixture is a great alternative if you just have basic strips in your garage.
  • The colt features a polycarbonate lens so it will hold up against abuse.
  • Its use reduces energy consumption by up to 60%.
  • Available in 4’ or 8’ lengths, the Colt can be effortlessly surface mounted making installation a breeze.
Louvers International HID to LED Conversion Kit

LED Conversion Kits

  • These are used when you like the look of your current fixture, but hate paying those high electric bills. Using integrated LED technology, you can replace a 400 watt metal halide with a 60 watt kit and get the same light levels.
  • Multiple lumen packages are available to give you the desired light output.
  • Electricians love the fact that they can be installed in under 15 minutes per fixture.
  • Versatile mounting options so you can retrofit just about anything.

Osprey Canopy LED

  • This fixture is designed to be installed under canopies and taller surface mounted parking decks.
  • The polycarbonate lens, aluminum housing, and IP65 rating mean that impact, dirt and moisture will not affect the performance of this fixture. No bugs will be able to infiltrate the fixture either.
  • This fixture is Title 24 compliant.
  • The Osprey is very contractor friendly with a handy surface mount installation handle.

Penta LED

  • This fixture will brighten up your garage with style. The sleek, modern design increases the area under the fixture as it is only 2.5” deep.
  • The wide beam spread creates an evenly lit atmosphere, making it easy to navigate and see inside the confined spaces of parking garages.
  • This fixture has an integrated occupancy and daylight harvesting sensor, so you’ll save money on energy when areas are unoccupied. In bi-level dimming mode, they never turn off; just gradually dim to a lower output. And it’s all programmable with the touch of a button.
  • Attractive and durable, it can be installed in harsh-use areas without fear of dirt, water, or impact damaging the fixture.
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