Advantage Vaportight

  • Refrigerators in kitchens can get messy. These IP 66 fixtures are easy to wash down.
  • If you’ve got a tight space in your walk-in cooler, and fixtures are at risk of being hit by rolling racks, these fixtures are made of polycarbonate and can take a beating without risk of damage.
  • With multiple lengths, widths, and lumen packages available, we can properly light up any area large or small.
  • Cold environments are the Advantage’s friend with low operating temperatures.
Single Colt Web

Colt LED Strip Fixture

  • This is the perfect fixture for replacing any industrial or basic strip fixture in your facility.
  • The polycarbonate diffusing lens helps protect against damage while providing a glare-free look.
  • Its narrow profile make it perfect for tight spaces.

Penta LED

  • This IP65 rated strip should be used in infrequently occupied areas where greater energy savings can be achieved by utilizing its sensor features.
  • Motion sensing, step-dimming, and daylight harvesting are all programmable with the touch of a button.
  • Attractive and durable, it can be installed in harsh-use areas without fear of dirt, water, or impact damaging the fixture.
  • Can handle temperatures down to -20°C (-4°F).
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