Advantage Vaportight

  • This is an extremely durable IP66 rated fixture with polycarbonate lens and body and stainless steel hardware.
  • When working in a dusty or wet environment or in an area where damage is possible, the Advantage vaportight fixture is your go-to vaportight fixture.
  • 2 lens options are available in the 6” wide version to give you the look you want. A classic 2 lamp T8 look, or a frosted lens, which we call our “glow series.”
  • Available in 2’, 4’ or 8’ lengths, the Advantage series is perfect for any area where impact, dirt, and moisture are a concern.

Colt LED Linear Strip

  • A simple, efficient solution to lighting that brings an unmatched level of sophistication to your hallways and corridors.
  • Its use reduces energy consumption by up to 60%.
  • The polycarbonate diffusing lens helps protect against damage while providing a glare-free look.
  • Available in 4’ or 8’ lengths, the Colt can be effortlessly surface mounted making installation a breeze.

LED Recessed Downlight Retrofit

  • Change out your high wattage screw-in flood lights or stab-in fluorescents with our low wattage, high lumen retrofit can solution.
  • This is a sleek and modern update for existing can lighting.
  • Multi-volt or dimmable options are available that allow for custom solutions to classrooms, libraries, conference rooms, atria, and more.

Penta LED

  • This fixture will brighten up your school building with style. The sleek, modern design increases the area under the fixture as it is only 2.5” deep.
  • The wide beam spread creates an evenly lit atmosphere, ideal for hallways and corridors.
  • This fixture has an integrated occupancy and daylight harvesting sensor, so you’ll save money on energy when areas are unoccupied. In bi-level dimming mode, they never turn off; just gradually dim to a lower output. And it’s all programmable with the touch of a button.
  • Attractive and durable, it can be installed in harsh-use areas without fear of dirt, water, or impact damaging the fixture.

PHX LED High Bay

  • This is the best fixture on the market for gymnasiums, auditoriums, large halls, and open plan buildings.
  • Designed from scratch for LED, this fixture gives a fresh, updated look to the old 400 watt metal halide fixtures.
  • With its diffused polycarbonate lens, no wireguard is necessary.  This fixture can withstand volleyballs, baseballs, basketballs, soccer balls, and pretty much any type of object used in a gym.
  • An impact resistant polycarbonate lens completely diffuses the diodes, both protecting the fixture from dirt, moisture and impact AND providing clean, even light.
  • The IP 65 rating on the PHX makes this fixture great for dust and spray down applications, as well as high humidity areas where condensation build up is a concern.

Skylark LED

  • This back-lit LED panel fixture can give your troffer fixtures the modern look your office needs.
  • With standard 0-10V dimming, you can easily turn the lights down for presentations and videos.
  • Even light distribution and minimal glare create an environment ideal for increased alertness, productivity and efficiency.

LED Replacement Tubes

  • This is the lowest cost way to retrofit existing fixtures to an LED lighting source.
  • Total diode diffusion means no glare like with other brands’ LED tubes. LED technology means no fluorescent flickering.
  • Our T8 LED tubes come in three varieties: electronic ballast compatible, directly wired to 120-277V power, or dual mode operation. T5 tubes can be used with an existing F54T5HO ballast.
  • These are perfect for quickly turning an ordinary building into a “Green” building. Wattage reduction and quick and easy installation make these a great solution for reducing maintenance and energy costs without a large up-front investment.