Advantage Vaportight

  • If you experience high damage with your locker room and corridor fixtures, the Advantage is a great solution for you.  Its all polycarbonate construction makes this fixture virtually unbreakable. Sore losers won’t cost you additional money in replacement lens costs.
  • The IP66 rating on these means that they are dust and water tight.  You’ll be able to keep these clean by hosing and wiping them down easily.
  • With multiple widths, lengths and lumen output, we can provide the proper fixture for your situation.

Anthem LED Highbay

  • If you’re looking to give your gym the high appeal of an architectural grade fixture, this is the one.
  • Designed, constructed, and made in the USA, you can take pride on installing this fixture in your gym.
  • With multiple fixture control systems, we can implement the perfect scenario for your needs.
  • Wire guards are also available to protect against all objects that can be found flying around a gym.
Single Colt Web

Colt LED Linear Strip

  • A simple, efficient solution to lighting that brings an unmatched level of sophistication to your hallways and corridors.
  • Its use reduces energy consumption by up to 60%.
  • The polycarbonate diffusing lens helps protect against damage while providing a glare-free look.
  • Available in 4’ or 8’ lengths, the Colt can be effortlessly surface mounted making installation a breeze.
Mustang Economy Highbay

Mustang LED Highbay

  • Do you have budget restrictions?  If so, this is our go-to economy grade LED highbay fixture.
  • With a diffusing lens and optional wireguard, this is a great fixture to replace the fluorescent or HID highbays in your gymnasium, auditoriums, large hall, or open plan buildings.
  • The higher lumen output models have the general footprint of a fluorescent highbay, but the fixtures are designed specifically for LED.
  • This fixture can easily be hung with air craft cables or chain, making the install a snap for electricians.

Penta LED

  • Instead of a basic wrap lens fixture, use the Penta to dress up your hallways, corridors, and garage areas.
  • With the tamper proof and vandal resistant capabilities of this fixture, you can rest at ease.
  • This fixture has an integrated occupancy and daylight harvesting sensor, so you’ll save money on energy when people are not in the areas. In bi-level dimming mode, they never turn off, just gradually dim to a lower output. And it’s all programmable with the touch of a button.
PHX LED Frosted High Bays and Low Bays

PHX LED Highbay

  • This is the best fixture on the market for gymnasiums and sporting facilities.
  • Designed from scratch for LED, this fixture gives a fresh, updated look to the old 400 watt metal halide fixtures.
  • With its diffused polycarbonate lens, no wireguard is necessary.  This fixture can withstand volleyballs, baseballs, basketballs, soccer balls, and pretty much any type of object used in a gym.
  • An impact resistant polycarbonate lens completely diffuses the diodes, both protecting the fixture from dirt, moisture and impact AND providing clean, even light.
  • The IP 65 rating on the PHX make this fixture great for dust and spray down applications, as well as high humidity areas where condensation build up is a concern.
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