This township wanted to update their 400 watt metal halide fixtures to LED.  The workers complained about there being a lot of dark areas and shadows, which made it more difficult to do their tasks in a timely fashion.  When we introduced the PHX LED highbay to them, they really liked the look of the fixture.  After installing them, everybody who worked at the facility was so happy with the outcome.  The shadows were greatly reduced and everybody could see a lot more easily.


Existing Situation

  • 400w Metal Halides
  • Poor lighting led to unsafe work environment
  • Poor visibility for workers at their stations

Lighting is an important safety factor in buildings where maintenance equipment is stored and serviced. Belvidere Township took the necessary steps to ensure a productive and safe environment for maintenance staff. They installed LouversLED’s PHX LED High Bays in their warehouse thus replacing their existing inefficient LED fixtures.


PHX LED High Bays

  • Wattage equivalent to a 750-1,000W HID fixture
  • Reduce annuals costs
  • Improve visibility and safety for staff

The results are consistent with other projects where LouversLED products have been installed. With planning assistance from our knowledgeable lighting experts, PHX LED High Bays were placed in strategic locations to replace the old, outdated HIDs. The results are both economical and dramatic.

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