BP wanted to upgrade their lights to a brand new LED fixture.  Once they saw how easy it is to install, and how consistent the lighting would be, they pulled the trigger.  The Osprey fixture was able to deliver a cleanly lit fuel station area, providing a safe area to fill up.  The store owners are saving 5,720 watts with our new canopy fixtures and a brightly lit fuel canopy.

BEFORE — 320W Metal Halides

BP Gas Station before Louvers International LED Upgrade

Existing Situation

  • (26) 320W metal halides
  • Poor visibility lead to unsafe environment for patrons
  • Total combined watts: 8,320

AFTER — Osprey 100W LED’s

BP Gas Station after Louvers International LED Upgrade


  • (26) 100W Osprey LED’s
  • Brighter light distribution improved visibility and patron safety
  • Total combined watts: 2,600

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