This gas station was sick and tired of looking at the old outdated lighting, not to mention the money they were spending on energy to keep them running.  With our specifically designed RC retrofit kits, the installers were able to easily replace the old metal halide lamps.  We also cut out some new LED diffusing lenses to replace the old and deteriorated drop dish lenses, giving it a fresh new look.  After the 1 day install, the gas station had almost double the foot candles with over a 6th of the original power being used.  The store owners, employees, and customers all loved the new upgrade and energy savings.

Existing Situation

  • (14) 320W metal halide (Canopy)
    (8) 400W metal halide (Canopy)
    (6) 400W metal halide (Shoebox)
  • Total combined watts: 10,670
  • Average of 17 fc


  • (14) 60W RC-52 LED Conversion Kits with RC-SLPAK Kits
    (8) 60W RC-52 LED Conversion Kits
    (6) 60W RC-52 LED Conversion Kits with RC-LAP Kits
  • Total combined watts: 1,680
  • Average of 31 fc

BEFORE — 400W Metal Halides

AFTER — RC-52 LED Conversion Kits

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