Hercules LED


Lena Park District was awarded a government grant to cover a portion of their baseball field lighting upgrade.  After finding out what they wanted to accomplish, we did a lighting layout to show them what we could do with the Hercules LED area light.  We developed custom brackets to make it and easy retrofit from their current lighting.  After the install, the baseball fields now have over 5 times the light the originally had, along with saving 19,540 watts.  Now the kids playing baseball at night can make those great plays, and their parents can actually see them do it.

BEFORE – 1000W Metal Halides

Existing Situation

  • 30 1,000W Metal Halide fixtures at 1,150W each
  • Combined wattage of 34,500W (pulling 120 amps)
  • Average of 3 fc
  • Dead spots and dark areas visible through field

AFTER – 400W Hercules LED High Lumen Area Lights


  • 34 Hercules LED High Lumen lights at 440W each
  • Combined wattage of 14,960W (pulling 66 amps)
  • Increased light levels to 15 – 20 fc
  • Complete light coverage and improved uniformity

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