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  • Short lead times
  • Window clear polycarbonate is our
    primary material for construction. It is extremely durable and nearly
  • Our sales team can be reached by phone or email during regular business hours, Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm Central Time, and sometimes even
    outside those hours. Speaking to a live person often makes the ordering
    process easier, especially for
    tougher jobs.

Portable School Desk Shield


  • .118” Window Clear Polycarbonate
  •  Lightweight (approximately 5 lbs.)
  •  Nearly unbreakable
  •  Rounded corners for safety
  •  Foldable and easy carry options
  •  Easy to clean


  • Clear polycarbonate visor with foam backing and adjustable elastic for a tight, yet comfortable fit.
  • Clear PET shield is 9.5″ high and delivered unattached to the visor.
  • Shields are easily attached to headband visors by quickly snapping into place.
  • Visors and shields also sold separately for replacement purposes.
  • Durable visors are re-usable.
  • Snap off a used shield and snap on a new one.
  • Thin (4mil) shields feature anti-fog coating on both sides.
  • Thicker shields (>7mil) are durable and easy to clean, but do not have anti-fog coating.
  • Shields, visor headbands and foam can be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol or hand sanitizer. Discard if any degradation is observed.

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