There are many horticultural grow light technologies out there. From high pressure sodium to metal halide to fluorescent and LED. LEDs have come a long way and what we are able to do with them is incredible. After reviewing numerous white papers, talking with professors, laboratories and actual growers, we feel that we have developed the ultimate LED horticultural grow light system. We achieve this by hanging a broad spectrum, hitting all the proper color wavelengths desired for horticulture. Unlike other LED grow lights, our blended spectrum generates a 4,000K color temperature. The plants react well to this color spectrum and it gives a more human-centric atmosphere in the actual indoor grow areas. This means real time diagnosis can be done without the use of special goggles or supplementary lighting, increasing worker’s performance and efficiency. We offer a tunable light spectrum with most of our fixtures. These can be adjusted for any cycle of your crop. Certain plants need different color wavelengths and outputs throughout their growth and flowering cycles. For those waiting for LED technology, the wait is over. We have arrived.