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Arrival of Advanced LED Technology

We’ve explored various horticultural grow light technologies, such as high-pressure sodium, metal halide, fluorescent, and LED. Our focus has been on advancing LED technology, and after extensive research and consultations with experts and growers, we’re proud to introduce what we believe is the ultimate LED horticultural grow light system.

Ultimate LED Horticultural Grow Light System

Our approach involves hanging a broad spectrum that covers all the necessary color wavelengths for optimal horticulture. Unlike other LED grow lights, our blended spectrum produces a 4,000K color temperature. This specific color spectrum benefits plants and creates a more natural environment in indoor grow spaces. The 4,000K color temperature allows real-time diagnosis without the need for special goggles or additional lighting, enhancing workers’ performance and efficiency.

We provide fixtures with a tunable light spectrum, allowing adjustment for different stages of your crop cycle. This flexibility is crucial as various plants require specific color wavelengths and outputs during different growth and flowering phases.

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