Louvers International’s Dyna-Lite™ is a clear prismatic pyramid-shaped drop lens made of high-impact DR acrylic. This product was designed to provide maximum light dispersion, giving the appearance of multi-directional lighting at a fraction of the cost to replace fixtures. The 1″ drop increases the perimeter lighting and the pyramid shape heightens vertical distribution, giving more light control with all the angles, leading to less glare. The Dyna-Lite™ is easy to install and fits most standard grid, recessed and air handling systems. If you need more light for your existing lighting system, Dyna-Lite™ is the perfect solution. Available in 1×4, 2×2,  2×4 and 4×4 sizes. Also available with trimmed flanges to fit your specific application.

  • Easy for retrofit
  • Eliminates glare and eye strain
  • Easy to install
  • Pattern 12 High-Impact Acrylic

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Maximized light distribution.

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