Surgical Lens

LI-34 RFI was designed specifically for supplemental hospital surgical suite lighting. The scientifically placed male prismatic and linear lens elements provides asymmetrical distribution. This distribution directs maximum candle power to the surgical site area with typical luminaire layouts. The areas surrounding the surgical site are also generously illuminated.

Radio Frequency Interference Suppression

The LI-34 RFI lens comes with an RFI-suppressing grid of silver ink on the smooth side of the lens. The grid intercepts the radiated emissions from the lamps, which are then carried out to the fixture and dissipated through an electrical ground. This reduces the RFI transmitted to the space to a level below  which RFI-sensitive equipment is affected. The RFI grid has been tested and complies with Military Standard 461A*.

NOTICE: RFI SUPPRESSION AND ELECTRICAL BALLAST Testing data for fixtures with electrical ballasts and clear acrylic lenses with RFI-suppressing grids have yielded a result that deviates from the Mil-Std specification (461A, 461D). The result is associated with the approximate 20kHz operating frequency of the ballasts and their harmonics (which differ markedly from those associated with magnetic ballasts). Further information about these tests may be obtained from Louvers International.

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