The Tube Guard™ end caps are designed for precise fit to the Tube Guard™ tube. The snug fitting end caps help prevent the Tube Guard™ assembly from falling should bulb breakage occur. They are manufactured from high quality ultraviolet and temperature-resistant plastics. The T5-HO Tube Guard™ End Caps are designed to dissipate heat produced by 54W HO lamps. The HO end caps design is longer and flares out around the lamp end allowing for optimal heat dissipation.

The versatile Tube Guard™ may also be used with high output lamps such as the HO, VHO and PG varieties. Simply position a heat screen at each end to protect the Tube Guard™ tube from heat damage.

Tube-Locks are used to prevent bi-pin lamps from falling from their sockets. They are easy to install and offer economical security.

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