Why is Louvers the best place for
electrical distributors to go for their lighting needs?

  • We answer the phone!
  • Due to the constant evolving lighting market, we have positioned ourselves to be the leading supplier for all types of commercial and industrial lighting technologies.
  • We have become the go to company for replacement lenses for any type of fixtures.
  • Over 30 years of establishing ourselves as the leader in lighting lens replacements
  • We have always listened to our customers and the marketplace to create and provide the products they need.
  • Joint sales calls with customers and end users
  • Faster response times
  • No worries about minimums
  • Localized will call and quick shipping – helps minimize stock on customers’ shelves / carrying costs
  • Louvers is a trusted name in the industry.
  • Wide range of products for 1 stop shopping and fewer vendors
  • Friendly service – we take care of problems, we don’t sweep them under the rug
  • We only sell through distribution, so you never have to compete with your own customers for our attention or pricing
  • In house marketing capabilities
  • We step up to the plate and provide solutions when others say they can’t help
  • Lighting layouts

Our Modus Operandi

  • 30 years in business
  • Quick responses
  • Attention to your project
  • Friendly service
  • Team of engineers
  • Small business agility
  • Big business capability
  • Easy to use website

Contact Us

Contact Us

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