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What should be the wrap lens for LED light fixtures be made out of?

Louvers custom wrap lenses take into consideration the application of the fixture to select the best material. The material has a huge impact in terms of performance and the quality of the lighting. It really comes down to investing certain material the lens should be made out of the most LED fixtures.

Polycarbonate is acrylic is what the science is, from efficiency standpoint, acrylics. There is always going to be more light through polycarbonate material diffusion. It’s roughly like three, four or 5% difference, acrylic poly same looking thing wanted to bend when it gets dirty. So kind of application based than office. I don’t see basketballs and stuff flying around offices much but so it’s kind of application based.

Can LEDs Wrap Lens Acrylic Turn Yellow Like Fluorescents Do?

Not really because most LEDs don’t even have the UV nanometer wavelength. You know, that’s really not gonna affect. Acrylic does hold up to UV a lot longer. So we use a virgin acrylic where it’s fresh out of the mill, not regrind of scrap metal scrap plastic that’s been re grounded in California and put it back in there. The virgin materials at lasts a lot longer, but like polycarbon he’s got a corn silage low. You want to choose a polycarbonate globe and your high bandwidth use areas where the kids are throwing rocks or BB guns at it versus acrylic, but acrylics a lot. Price points about the same or the coal is gonna last longer than the sun could be down every day. But you get the susceptibility of it getting damaged.

maintenance for LED Lighting Wrap Lenses

So I think a lot of people are turning over a new leaf and plus gamma was so lighting needs maintenance for a lot of reasons. Outside whether or not the United States home right. Isn’t that interesting that people look at like the public perception of light fixture now.

You’re telling me what the I want to retire after I do this. I’ve had many maintenance people that want to do this. So they don’t have to watch another light bulb until you know when you look at the louvers business is interesting because you get lugs, dirt, all sorts of stuff effects.

Dirt depreciation is a huge factor. There are multiple reports out there. People don’t realize their depreciation factor. You had a brand new fluorescent or LED fixture that happens if you got dust particles flying around in the thing with plastics is that it’s statically charged so you can touch it. You can see your hairs on your arm. get attracted to these lenses, especially when you try to clean them off yet. Forget about it’s just a pain in the butt. There’s even a wet rag you’re gonna leave the lines in there. It just feels like you’ve been plastic. That’s one of my reasons, but the flatter animals cannot clean. I was gonna ask Can you replace a flat panel lens? Hell no. No. There’s no way right? There’s no way. Most of them don’t even come with a screw that you can take the thing with.

Wrap Lens Materials Strength

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